Project Description

Wilderton Botanical Spirits Tasting Room

Tasting Room located inside distillery
Location: Hood River, OR
Completion: Summer 2023
Wilderton opened the nation’s first non-alcoholic dedicated distillery and tasting room. Their mission is to provide a botanical based non-alcoholic cocktail experience for improved health and wellness. This emerging sector is challenging mainstream ideas about relaxation and imbibing.  While uncommon for an interior designer to be involved in the design of an industrial production space, this collaboration seamlessly blended form and function. Wilderton wanted a multi-use hospitality element which also needed to flex during their peak production push times and host tasting guests. The goal was to delight visitors despite the needed function. In a space that is required to be a sterile environment, the mural helps the botanical experience come to life with the color and forms while also allowing educational opportunities to understand how the botanical sprits are derived.