Project Description


Full Home Remodel – Interior Architecture, space planning, reconfiguring the layout of the house. Layout of all rooms including Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Living, Dining and office. Material, Plumbing Fixture, Light Fixture and finishes selections for whole house. Custom casework design. Furniture and furnishing design with combination of owners existing pieces and new.

Location: Portland,OR
Size: 4,000 SF
Completion: Fall 2016

“Classic but not boring.”
When the clients bought the house, they knew it had to be completely updated. The family entertains both prominent Portland residents and friends with kids, and they wanted to transform their Portland Heights house from a collection of small rooms and hallways to an expansive living area with lush Pacific Northwest views.

We brought the kitchen from the back of house to the center of the living area and moved the bedrooms to the quiet spaces in the back. This also allowed the dining room to flow into the living room as one space. There are two locations with banquette seating. The first is an alcove in the kitchen which creates an easy place for breakfasts and meals for kids. The second is a built-in bench running the length of the main living room. There, you can sit back and enjoy a serene distant mountain view, read a book, or cuddle up with loved ones. It’s also perfect for party seating at holidays and other events. By selecting a palette that includes navy blue, white, walnut, and hickory, with gold accents, we created a mellow, warm, and functional space that feels very Oregon, but is also stylistically flexible. The master bedroom had a perfect niche which was just right for a custom bedroom dressing cabinet, which supplements the walk-in closet (not shown). To us, this project combines the all-white trend with the natural wood emphasis of a more rustic approach, creating a balanced organic Pacific Northwest palette. It’s neither too heavy nor too light. It has pattern and visual interest playfully illustrated throughout. It’s both comfortable and elegant, maximizing light and brightness for Portland winters and celebrating wood and warmth. In short—the perfect home for a family who wanted to split the difference between polished and practical.